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Collagen Plus Glucosamine Drink Mix Supplement

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Beauty - Sport Activity - Joint Health - Lifestyle Supplement

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 Avesta Collagen (30 shots month supply) is the Original High Strength 10,000mg day Collagen Hydrolysate Drink Mix - why settle for less?  The fact is we have been involved with Collagen Hydrolysate Supplements for more than 18 years and have been supplying our High Strength Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate Drink Supplement to satisfied Users in many countries from the UK. We offer a FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY to UK addresses and also airmail Worldwide to most countries for a small extra charge. See side panel for more information.

Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate Drink Mix Supplement  (Not Tablets or Capsules - Makes Liquid Collagen Drink): Our High Strength Collagen Hydrolysate Powder (Porcine) is supplied in a 390gram carton which supplies approx: 30 daily measures of 13,000mg. Mix a measured amount with water to make a pleasant orange flavoured collagen liquid drink. Many of our Regular Users have taken Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate every day for years and would not miss a day without it. Other Users take Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate as and when required as a maintenance measure once every 2 - 3 days. A single 390gram carton can then last up to 3 months making it very cost effective.

High Strength Collagen Hydrolysate Drink: Each Avesta daily measure contains 10,000mg of Collagen Hydrolysate. Our Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate daily collagen liquid drink measure is up to 20 times stronger than many Collagen tablets and capsules which are usually only 500mg each. If you find tablets and capsules hard to swallow mix yourself our Avesta Collagen Liquid Drink. Taken once a day at a time that suits you Avesta Collagen as a liquid is the perfect answer.

Our Customers Include: Professional Football Clubs, Sportspeople, Health Clinics, Health & Beauty Salons, Health Food Stores, Health Conscious Individuals, the Older Generation and people who find large tablets impossible to swallow. Avesta is quite simply a high quality Collagen Glucosamine Multivitamin daily drink complex.

Compare Ingredients: OUR AVESTA COLLAGEN COMPLEX HAS NO ADDED WATER!  Why pay for products with water and the extra transportation costs when with your Avesta YOU ADD THE WATER to make a high strength drink! Avesta Collagen contains Collagen Hydrolysate 10,000mg plus Glucosamine Sulphate 1,000mg and 18 Vitamins and Minerals in one daily measure. See side panel link for full ingredients listing.

No Price Increase for 10 years: Despite price rises in manufacturing costs, VAT, materials and transportation we have not increased our Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate price in the past 10 years and the quality is still the same.

Save Money - Quantity Discounts: We look after our Customers. As many of our Users have taken our Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate for years we try to help financially by passing on our savings to those who can order a slightly larger quantity at a time. Call us for quantity discounts.


1 x  Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate Supplement 390g:     £29.99

2 x  Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate Supplement 390g:     £52.98

3 x  Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate Supplement 390g:     £78.97

6 x  Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate Supplement 390g:     £149.94



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If You Prefer To Order Personally By Telephone: We are always here to answer any questions and to take your order personally. Call us on 01772 683790. It is nice that our Customers keep in touch by phone for their repeat orders and let us know how they are getting on with their Avesta. You can also order by sending a cheque, card details, cash or money order - see 'UK Order Information' on side panel.

Local Suppliers: Avesta Collagen Hydrolysate is available from some Local Suppliers including Health Food Stores, Alternative Clinics, Health & Beauty Salons, Sports Injury Clinics & Online. Contact the office for your nearest supplier.


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